Do you have a girlfriend who basically is responsible for draining all the data on your phone because you text so much? A girlfriend who you share all the deets of your day with AND sends you as many #ootd selfies as you send her (and is ALWAYS honest with you?) If so, we are the girls for you.

While it was their golfing addicting husbands that brought Jennifer Brandt and Ashley Heyn together, it was the connection over life, kids, style, fitness and food and even pregnancies at the same time, that sealed the bond between these two brunettes from Los Angeles. Very quickly, Ashley became Jennifer’s go to gal… What do you think of this outfit? What is the best stroller to get? What’s the best food to introduce to the baby? Do you think I should paint the kitchen this color or this color?

Then it occurred one day to Jennifer while texting Ashley a picture from Target: The dress she was about to buy not only needed approval from her bestie, but also, was a total knockoff of a designer one she saw online, and actually looked pretty darn cute! What if she started sharing all the things she wanted, and all the things she really got?

And there it was in the women’s clothing department at Target, the birth of Want This Got That. Jennifer soon thereafter shared this idea with Ashley and they quickly got to cooking…

About Ashley
Ashley Heyn is a wife, mom of three, part-time private tutor, and lover of everything fashion. For over 10 years, Ashley was co-owner of The A-List Tutoring Services, LLC, which offered private in-home tutoring services in all subjects to students of all ages throughout Los Angeles. As a math major, Ashley can be very logical and matter-of-fact, but WantThisGotThat allows her to unleash and express her creative side. She loves a good steal mission and is excited to share her finds with you. Ashley is a proud but crazy bag lady and admittedly, often splurges in this department. (Because if there’s one thing to splurge on… shouldn’t it be a gorgeous bag that lasts forever?! Ahh, the things we tell ourselves). Ashley resides in Los Angeles with her husband, Matt, her twin sons Grant and Brooks (5) and daughter Reagan ‘Coconut’ (18 mo).








About Jennifer

Jennifer Brandt is a writer and on-camera host specializing in Lifestyle, Fashion, Parenting, DIY, Food, and Travel. She shares her candid and humorous stories of mommy-hood in her own blog, Perfectly Disheveled, which was named as top LA Mom Blog for Red Tricycle and selected as SELF Magazine’s Editor’s pick for favorite parenting blog in June ’09. She has served as an ambassador/spokesperson for many top brands including Aquaphor, GotMilk?, JC Penney, Westin HotelsZiploc, Cottonelle, CVS Pharmacy, Ocean Spray California Pizza Kitchen, GLAD Trash Bags, Sears,  eBay, Net 10 Wireless, Yoplait, Motorola, Brother P-Touch, and more. From 2011 to 2013, Jennifer was a regular contributor and on camera host for Lifetime Moms, the digital arm of A&E Network’s Lifetime Television, as well as Disney’s and Jennifer is most proud, however, of her commitment to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, and the We Are Lucky fundraising campaign, in which she founded, to help other CHLA families. Jennifer resides in Los Angeles with her husband Peter, her sons Jonah (9) and Oliver (16 mo) and their new puppy Apple.


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