Welcome to Want This Got That!

Well, hello, hello! After several months of working hard to build a site and curate content, we are so excited to finally share our new project with you, Want This Got That! The premise for the blog is simple: Like you, we spend a lot of time in our lives (when we probably should be paying attention to our kids- hey we’re being honest), shopping online or on social media platforms admiring (ok, envying) some of the fabulous finds and frocks of some of both big and small fashion and lifestyle influencers. Because we don’t always (and by always, we mean almost never) have the budget to splurge, we have become really great at finding an alternative or something so close and comparable to the thing we want. That’s basically how Want this Got That came to be… Two friends who spent/spend a lot of time texting one another about all the things they love and then finding things that they got that are pretty damn close.

Girlfriends helping girlfriends. Catch our drift?

From the things we are coveting in our closets, to the décor that we wished adorned our houses (not cluttered with kid stuff), to family activities that we wish we could pull off and meals that we wish we could concoct with 5 kids between us tugging on our shirt tails, this blog proudly shares the things we all want, with the reality of what we actually get…

We are looking forward to sharing with you some of our finest finds and tips, and of course, some of our inspiration fails.


Jennifer & Ashley